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The realm of efficient kitchen design is a tangle of design ideas, guidelines, and suggestions — as well as an apparently never-ending supply of professional counsel. What do you do first? To assist you navigate this gastronomic environment, we’ve put together a helpful starting point. Our guide below will walk you through the process of building a dream kitchen that is both attractive and functional, from evaluating your needs to installing your work surfaces.

T.V Launch

There was a time when the television was the centrepiece of the living room, with all of the furniture placed around it! Many of us TV addicts still do the same thing, but the contemporary tendency is to move the TV out of the living room or entirely hide it. While some have used it in their bedrooms and living rooms, others have created beautiful media rooms and home theatres that will take your breath away. Most modern interiors have an over-the-top home theatre, media room, or a concealed TV corner. So, when did the old TV room start to become obsolete? In any case, we’d like to share some of our favourite little TV room design ideas with you.

Bedroom DESIGN

Even though your bedroom is a private place that will be viewed by much fewer people than your living room or kitchen, it should be a fashionable retreat in its own right. Whether you desire a classic design or an exotic hideaway, this collection of rooms from Architectural Digest’s archives has bedroom decorating ideas to help you build the room of your dreams. The best part is that you don’t need a total makeover to breathe fresh life into your bedroom. As these rooms demonstrate, a well-placed piece of art, a colourful piece of wallpaper, or even a fresh coat of paint can make a room stand out.

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